JVD safes are synonymous with peace of mind. Your guests have access to a robust, secure solution for their belongings. You have JVD solutions and service for the simple, easy management of your safes.


Our safes are designed with a backlit keypad and interior lighting to make it simple and easy to use.


Our safes are fitted with an electronic anti-aggression mechanism & are blocked for 15 minutes after 4 failed attempts.


If your guest loses their code, our safes can be unlocked using a key or a remote control.


Thanks to the remote control, it is easy to view a history of actions (records of the dates and times when the safe was opened) and to unlock the safe.


Fortress is a new safe created to be effective. It is the fruit of an obvious design. To reflect a spirit of tradition and to provide reassurance, a very
simple general design was created: a circle in a rectangle, the very symbol of a safe. Thanks to a very refined treatment of the design, the product possesses a very modern, timeless dimension. Two other strengths make the product rather ingenious: the very discreet grip to the
left of the front plate and a slightly tilted keypad to improve ergonomics when the product is installed at a low height.

Jean-Guy de Russé