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At last, an immediate digital solution for cleaning!

Smart cleaning: JVD and Rubix S&I join forces

At last, an immediate digital solution for cleaning!

Bad odours irritate us, and for good reason: they are often a sign of alarming hygiene levels. Now, JVD and Rubix S&I have partnered to co-develop a health condition monitoring solution that is the first of its kind, to win over global markets. The goal was to use sensors to detect air quality and hygiene in a particular space so that optimal health conditions can be restored.

The COVID pandemic has been a revelation, showing that many companies are not up to scratch in terms of hygiene. This observation has long been shared by Thierry Launois, CEO of JVD, a French company and pioneer of hygiene 2.0, and Jean-Christophe Mifsud, CEO of Rubix S&I, a start-up specializing in electronic noses.

“Since springtime, we have seen a rise in awareness of the presence of invisible threats. The incorporation of a Rubix pod into HygiaConnect makes it possible to monitor and track the disinfection, cleaning and aeration of the premises in order to inform the manager and reassure customers, users and employees”, explains Jean-Christophe Mifsud.

IoT in washrooms: Digital to the rescue of hygiene

HygiaConnect gathers and interprets the hygiene data of the premises (such as consumables levels, traffic, user satisfaction and now environmental quality). This solution allows cleaning managers to prevent complaints by determining when traditional maintenance actions are required. On its end, Rubix S&I has developed an IoT platform linked to a series of multisensory detectors whose purpose is to identify nuisances like vibration, light, humidity and bad odours. By incorporating this virtual nose, HygiaConnect can now detect anomalies in the ambient air for an expedited response to ensure the perfect hygiene of the premises and the protection of its users.

“By incorporating Rubix S&I technology, we are able to offer companies and government authorities the most complete smart cleaning solution in the world”, Thierry Launois concludes.